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  ERPic web shop solutions
ERPic stands for ERP integration cartridge. It integrates the Navision Attain ERP system with web shops from Intershop, either Intershop 4.2 Merchant/Hosting or Intershop Enfinity 2.2.
ERPic consists of the ERPic Client (Navision part) and the ERPic web shop service (web shop part).
What the customers want is an easy to use interface where they can control their web shop content and retrieve orders without worrying too much about their web shop on a day to day basis, and get all their orders directly into their accounting system. All this should happen

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Strengur hf. 8/6/2002 29
  Infostore solutions
The powerful Infostore system is built on the world leading functionality, flexibility, reliability and data access provided by Navision software and proven in many hundreds of retail locations worldwide (including the US).

Infostore solutions are integrated with specific functionality for verticals and supply chain management, including restaurant, rental, service, warehouse, inventory management, web shop etc.

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Strengur hf. 5/6/2002 45
  Call Center Management
Open Door Call Center Management integrates people, processes, and technology to maximize relationships by providing superior sevice by allowing a company to:

Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
Significantly reducing support costs
Efficiently capture, track, manage, escalate, and resolve customer service and support requests.

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Open Door Technology Inc. 27/5/2002 65
  History Logging for Navision Attain
The quality of accounting and business data is essential for many companies. If data is inadequate poor decisions may be made.

This product enables you to log specific transactions done by users in Navision. The logging feature is a generic logging system that can be maintained by a user in Navision. It is possible to set up as many table logs as you like.

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SimCrest, Inc 27/5/2002 60
  Credit Card Management for Navision
This Product allows you to receive credit card payments directly in Navision Attain. All handling of the credit card is done in Navision Attain and payments can be automatically posted in Navision Attain.

The system can accept credit card payments and credits on:
Sales Order
Sales Invoice
Sales Credit Memo
Sales Journal
Stand Alone (not attached to any document)

The system handles authorization and capturing either combined or separately.

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SimCrest, Inc 27/5/2002 52

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