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General downloads
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  Navision clipboard utility 
The small utility makes it possible to copy text to and from the clipboard, from Navision Attain. ...
Michael P.29/7/20021449362110
  Chat messages 
A system to send messages to other Navision Financials/Attain users. ...
Esteban Gandia23/7/200211971122
  myGraph v1.1
Displays all kind of graphs (3d, 2d, bar, line, area) in Navision Financials/Attain. ...
Luc Van Dyck15/7/2002780600272
  Create PDF file from C/SIDE
Including this Automation control enables you to dynamically to create/generate PDF file output from within C/SIDE
Michael P30/4/20022067783560
  Visio Data Modeler v. 2.1
Now this is what you've all been waiting for! A true Visio data modeler for Navision Attain. ...
Jason Prickett31/3/20022079621696
  Navision event log module
This module logs any event you want in real time both to a table and a file. ...
  Pop-up calendar (NF 3.x)
Small pop-up calendar similar to Outlooks style. ...
Steve Florko15/3/200215813463
  Master Mind
Master Mind game for Navision Financials
Martin Hampl18/2/200227275224
  Viewer for fob and fbk files
FobView is a viewer for Navision Finacials object and backup files. ...
Michael Weigand16/2/2002519295436
  SMTP OCX v1.2
This little OCX enables sending 'real' emails from within Navision Financials. ...
Stephan Stapel27/11/2001235937393
  Navision Screensaver
Navision Screensaver
Navision Software24/7/2001315466660
  Navision Pad (text editor)
With this Pad, you can enter more the 250 charakters into Navision. ...
Alejandro Schubert10/7/200113657802
  Barcode generator
This tool creates a bmp-file containing a barcode you can import into Navision. ...
Ralph Mayer23/6/200172192438
  Little pocket-calculator
Little calculator with the 4 base calculation functions
Jörg Passauer27/4/20017983289
  Dataport generator
Automatic dataport creation, specially useful for import/export of files with great number of fields. ...
Philippe Durand4/4/200115726931
  Calendar (2)
Fully integrated calendar. ...
Philippe Durand30/3/200120546582
  C/ODBC Driver Version Changer
This tool allows you to switch between different versions of the C/ODBC drivers from an icon in the system tray. ...
Jeremy Vyska29/3/20011170406442
  Real-time Multiformat Picture Convertor JPG & GIF
This little tool allows you to keep your library of pictures separated from Navision, yet load the picture instantly into Navision when required for display or printing. ...
John Tegelaar14/3/200115653436
  Bitmap Resolution Convertor
Set the resolution of a Bitmap picture (*.bmp) with the correct DPI value to allow Navision to scale the size of the picture for correct screen and printer presentation. ...
John Tegelaar28/2/2001322368388
  Macros for ER-Studio
Use this Macros to import NF-Textfiles into ER-Studio or to export from ER-studio to NF-Textfiles (directly or via MS-Word).
Martin F. Kleindl14/2/20017314205
  Window Watcher light v1.2
Window Watcher helps you manage all the windows of Navision Financials and gives a warning, if one object is opened multiple times for design. ...
Michael Weigand5/12/2000541219342
  MathLib (NF 2.x)
Implement the functions Sin, Cos, Tan, Cotan, ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan. Freeware.
Marcus Fabian20/11/2000225140308
  Toolbar for Navision Financials (2.x)
As we all know, Navision has no possibilities to define a user-controlled toolbar. ...
Rudolf Baumann10/9/2000202131230
  Get/Set filename using COMDLG32.OCX
Allows the user to choose a filename using the common windows file dialog. (Navision Financials 2.x)
Marcus Fabian25/7/200065700666
  Session Killer
This tool enable you to kill any Navision Financials client remotly which will force a disconnection of the NF client ...
Tarek Demiati8/7/200010626414
  Graphics conversion jpg-to-bmp
Convert existing jpg graphic files into bitmap(bmp)file output.
Andreas M.P. Lundin30/6/200070604391
  Charting Navision data
This small charting tools enables you to convert your Navision data (or similar systems) into a chart and publish it on your Intranet/Internet. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin27/6/2000445624754
  Com port OCX
Ocx for NF with methods for exchanging data with NF using com port. ...
Dalius Brokevicius27/6/200012272537
  Tic Tac Toe game
Tic Tac Toe game for Navision Financials
Mogens Christensen25/6/20009450671
  dBase conversion tools
Two-way conversion between text file and dBase format. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin20/6/2000527488259
  Multi-page Report with Excel formatting
Office Excel (V7) Automation Beta Item Report for Navision Financials 2.01GB. ...
David Cox31/5/200018510870
ActiveEditor is now public domain. ...
NaviConsult ?24/5/2000183345915
  Text to PDF converter
This OCX utility converts text/data files into PDF files. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin22/5/2000233973519
  Text file to Postscript file utility
This small utility converts plain text files into Postscript files. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin22/5/2000444098
  Converts dBase III/IV to text file
This small utility converts a dBase(version III or IV) into a text file output useful to import into Navision or similar. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin26/3/200015871111
  Convert CSV(text) file into a HTML-file output
A small command-line application conversion tool, which converts any CSV-file into a HTML table output. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin16/3/200038665200
  Replacement of incorrect ne-numbers
When printing in an NT-environment Navision makes use of the ne-number in the printer name. ...
Lars Westman14/3/200012420352
  Converting database(Palm III-?) into text file
This small beta release utility converts various database formats on the PalmPilot platform into pure text files suitable for import into Navision. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin10/3/2000107643146
  HTML conversion of Navision data
This is a small sample code (Navision Financials txt-format) on how to format Navision data from within your Navision code. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin28/2/2000824434
  Administer users & rights
Navision Financials 2.01 objects (3 forms) for administrating users and rights. ...
Henrik Helgesen2/2/2000121711332
  NF Automation Examples (DK)
Some Navision Financials automation examples. ...
Navision Software27/1/2000837771114
  Navision data to HTML v2
This is an extended version of the ocx converting Navision data into HTML. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin26/1/2000216845387
  Navision data to PDF
This application transforms Navision Financials data into a PDF-file. ...
Andreas M.P. Lundin13/1/200025962504
  Navision data to HTML
This ocx transforms Navision Financials data into a HTML table output.
Andreas M.P. Lundin11/1/2000215194351
  Navision skin for Winamp
A skin for the Winamp mp3-player featuring Navision Financials
Luc Van Dyck10/1/2000892818754
Commercial Demo's & Trial Versions Top
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  Window Watcher v3.6 
Window Watcher enables a team of developers to work at the same database at the same time. ...
Michael Weigand9/8/200214212405
  NaviBack (Backup & Restore) v1.6 
NaviBack creates a backup using your Navision Client and zip-compresses it. ...
Dirk Petersen9/8/20026985107
  Axapta factsheets 
Collection of fact sheets about Axapta. ...
Navision Software24/7/2002337480438
  Infostore POS Video presentation
The Infostore P.O.S. is a Point-Of-Sale and Point-Of Services add-on to Navision Attain. ...
Strengur hf.5/6/20028051951114
  NavTool - Analysing System
This is a very powerful tool to analyse your cal/source code. ...
Matthias Sebald16/5/2002354682401
  Navision Attain W1 3.10.A Client
This is a copy of the client directory taken from the Attain product CD. ...
Navision Software15/5/200251527787256
  DesignGuard - Development Protection System
DesignGuard protects you from overwriting the changes of another developer. ...
Matthias Sebald8/5/2002353184116
  ExpandIT Client Control movie
ExpandIT movie (wmv): Product demonstration - Client Control
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002217417017
  ExpandIT Backup Utility movie
ExpandIT movie (wmv): Product demonstration - Backup Utility
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002271326840
  ExpandIT Client Manager movie
ExpandIT movie (wmv): Product demonstration - Client Manager
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002171230213
  ExpandIT Launch Utility movie
ExpandIT movie (wmv): Product demonstration - Launch Utility
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002371656417
  ExpandIT Mobile Time movie
ExpandIT movie (wmv): Product demonstration - ExpandIT Mobile Time. ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002748665931
  ExpandIT Mobile Sales movie
ExpandIT movie (wmv): Product demonstration - ExpandIT Mobile Sales. ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002499111935
  ExpandIT Backup Utility v2.0
The Backup Utility enables unmanned and scheduled use of the standard Navision Financials/Attain backup feature. ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002235999147
  ExpandIT Launch Utility v2.0
ExpandIT Launch Utility enables your organization to automate and schedule recurring jobs in Navision Financials/Attain. ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002239317722
  ExpandIT Table Optimizer v2.0
The Navision optimize feature ensures that tables in your Navision database are trimmed. ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s2/5/2002235586527
  ExpandIT Client Control v1.2
Client Control is a utility that monitors whether the Navision Financials clients in your company are active or not. ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s14/3/2002114666232
  ExpandIT Client Manager v1.3
The Client Manager enables centralized notification and log-off of Navision clients running ExpandIT Client Control. ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s14/3/2002554853329
  WebNext iOffice/iShop 2.1 for Navision Financials
New version of a B2B Internet business system, for the corporate Navision Financials information system enabling users to use advantages of electronic trade with on-line connection to their Navision Financials information system without any add. Microsoft products. ...
  HandApps for Navision demo
HandApps for Navision is a group of software products that interconnect Palm OS handheld computers with Navision (C/Side and/or SQL). ...
  ActiveX for SIMPLE access to NF (v1.0)
Access to NF from VisualBasic, VBA (Excel,Word,...) ,VBScript (ASP,WSH) and other COM clients. ...
Tomas Svec22/1/200199884353
  Improved Webshop synchronization service
Improved service for synchronization of the Webshop. ...
D.C. Oerlemans9/10/2000491952142
  ExpandIT MailIT v1.0
The MailIT function allows you to send e-mails directly from your back-end system, such as Navision 3.5x (Navin.exe) or Navision Financials, ...
ExpandIT Solutions a/s8/2/20003981724203
  WebNext 2000 for Navision Financials
A commercial application server. ...
Navision Attain Demo's Top
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  Navision Attain Introduction
Navision Attain Introduction [4:20] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/2002132785299
  Financial Management presentation
Financial Management presentation [4:32] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/2002131228590
  CRM - Marketing & Sales presentation
CRM - Marketing & Sales presentation [4:54] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/20021435574114
  CRM - Service presentation
CRM - Service presentation [3:25] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/20021150189116
  Manufacturing presentation
Manufacturing presentation [5:43] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/20021327862107
  Distribution presentation
Distribution presentation [5:27] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/2002130942382
  User Portal presentation
User Portal presentation [3:20] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/20021133124105
  Commerce Portal presentation
Commerce Portal presentation [4:37] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/2002122532776
  Commerce Gateway presentation
Commerce Gateway presentation [2:51] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/2002107054961
  Technology presentation
Technology presentation [4:22] (Flash movie)
Navision Software15/5/2002109776086
Navision Demo's: Navision Financials Top
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  Navision Software's TV Advertisement
Navision Software's TV Advertisement (asf) in the UK
Navision Software31/5/20009407891288
  Lotus Screencam player
Free screencam player to play the Navision demo-movies
  On-line Data Analysis & Navigation
NF demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): On-line Data Analysis & Navigation
Navision Software4/2/20003051593266
  Rapid Customization using C/SIDE
NF demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Rapid Customization using C/SIDE
Navision Software4/2/20007081157289
  Access to Data with C/ODBC
NF demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Access to Data with C/ODBC
Navision Software4/2/20004695911451
  Access to the Internet
NF demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Access to the Internet
Navision Software4/2/20002528369211
  E-mail Support
NF 2.01 demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): E-mail Support
Navision Software4/2/2000601348231
  HTML Output for Reports
NF 2.01 demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): HTML Output for Reports
Navision Software4/2/2000743383149
  Automation Controller
NF 2.01 demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Automation Controller
Navision Software4/2/2000898766294
  Improved Financial Reporting with Account Schedule
NF 2.01 demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Improved Financial Reporting with Account Schedules
Navision Software4/2/20002538300203
  Quick Find
NF 2.01 demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Quick Find
Navision Software4/2/2000338474157
  Navision Handling Year 2000
NF 2.01 demo-movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Navision Handling Year 2000
Navision Software4/2/2000174266657
  Navision Financial Analyst
Demo-movie (avi) showing the new reporting tool Navision Financial Analyst
Navision Software4/2/20003716033377
Navision Demo's: Navision Advanced Distribution Top
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  What's Navision Advanced Distribution
Navision Advanced Distribution demo-movie (avi): What's Navision Advanced Distribution
Navision Software4/2/20005212742384
Navision Advanced Distribution demo-movie (avi): Contracts
Navision Software4/2/20001686733201
  Cross reference and substitutions
Navision Advanced Distribution demo-movie (avi): Cross reference and substitutions
Navision Software4/2/20001413595178
Navision Advanced Distribution demo-movie (avi): Returns
Navision Software4/2/20002155475173
  Usage based procurement
Navision Advanced Distribution demo-movie (avi): Usage based procurement
Navision Software4/2/20001492065166
  Warehouse setup and put away
Navision Advanced Distribution demo-movie (avi): Warehouse setup and put away
Navision Software4/2/20001973675240
Navision Demo's: Navision Manufacturing Top
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  What's Navision Manufacturing?
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): What's Navision Manufacturing?
Navision Software5/2/20008798078325
  Easy to use
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Easy to use
Navision Software5/2/20004135195147
  Fast to implement
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Fast to implement
Navision Software5/2/20002001463128
  Ability to adapt to a changing world, part I
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Ability to adapt to a changing world, part I
Navision Software5/2/20005156508119
  Ability to adapt to a changing world, part II
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Ability to adapt to a changing world, part II
Navision Software5/2/2000169687194
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Scalable
Navision Software5/2/2000621479101
  Superior visibility opens shop floor to management
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Superior visibility opens the shop floor to management
Navision Software5/2/20002361651114
  Fast return on investment
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Fast return on investment
Navision Software5/2/2000469145106
  Flushing, part I
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Flushing, part I
Navision Software5/2/20005218169123
  Flushing, part II
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Flushing, part II
Navision Software5/2/2000274798697
  Project orders & multi level orders
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Project orders & multi level orders
Navision Software5/2/20002695114124
  Costing options
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Costing options
Navision Software5/2/2000301407128
  Tracking/pegging, part I
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Tracking/pegging, part I
Navision Software5/2/2000139856495
  Tracking/pegging, part II
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Tracking/pegging, part II
Navision Software5/2/2000157306485
  Implementening change, part I
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Implementening change, part I
Navision Software5/2/2000432973892
  Implementening change, part II
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Implementening change, part II
Navision Software5/2/2000176739392
  Summary of Navision Manufacturing
Navision Manufacturing movie (avi): Summary of Navision Manufacturing
Navision Software5/2/2000486775158
  Short overview demo
Navision Manufacturing movie (Lotus ScreenCam): Short overview demo
Navision Software5/2/200028355354160
Navision Demo's: Navision Webshop Top
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  Camtasia CODEC
In order to view the Webshop demo AVI files, a Camtasia CODEC must be installed. ...
  General overview
Navision Webshop movie (avi): General overview
Navision Software17/3/20019677729147
  Webshop works together with Navision Financials
Navision Webshop movie (avi): How Webshop works together with Navision Financials
Navision Software17/3/2001325777298
  Changes in NF are immediately visible on the web
Navision Webshop movie (avi): Changes in Navision Financials are immediately visible on the web
Navision Software17/3/2001148781077
Navision Demo's: Mobile WAP Solutions Top
Description Author Date (ddmmyy) Size (bytes) Downloads
  Navision Mobile WAP Solutions
Navision Mobile WAP Solutions. ...
Navision Software17/3/2001137191347

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